31 October 2023

The importance of taking breaks at work

The importance of taking breaks at work

Top tips for taking breaks at work

Take your lunch break

  • If you work for a company which doesn’t have organised lunch breaks it can be easy to continue working through the day.
  • It’s so important to take your lunch break and step away from your desk or work area, try not to eat at your desk.
  • Use the time to go for a walk, read a book or listen to a podcast. If you enjoy the social aspect, join a colleague for a walk!
  • Taking your break will help your mind to relax, avoid fatigue and allow you to reset for the next part of your working day.

Take mental pauses  

Along with taking your lunch break, if you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed during the day, it’s okay to take mental pauses.

Don’t be afraid to step away from a situation – take a walk around the office, get some advice from a colleague, get some fresh air or even listen to some music.

Organise your workday

Being organised at work is a great way to help you take a break when you need to.

At the start of each day, make a list of priorities to ensure you are working productively. Use your calendar to schedule in time to focus and time to take a break.

Set an alarm for your lunchtime to ensure you are taking a break.


Taking regular breaks is important to help your mind function and allows you to be more productive which in turn helps you to work more effectively.

If you feel you need more support at work to take breaks when you need them, talk to your Manager about what reasonable adjustments they could provide to help you take a mental pause.