19 June 2024

S&You Technology joins forces with Mobile Cloud and Alumni

S&You Technology joins forces with Mobile Cloud and Alumni

Mobile Cloud is a leader in deploying advanced AI and Automation platforms that support businesses to work more efficiently and provide new ways of working, with experience of complex and large-scale projects for globally renowned clients in North America and across Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Alumni helps businesses introduce end-to-end technology and digital strategies at all levels, and on a global scale too. 
Now  S&You Technology  is working with both to deliver 360-degree staffing solutions using a combination of digital and human resource from start to finish to its clients for the first time. This allows S&You to offer its clients end-to-end digital resource solutions, with the entire process orchestrated, managed and fully staffed.

Mark Standen, Director of Global Technology at S&You Technology, said: “Joining forces with Mobile Cloud and Alumni is all part of S&You’s commitment to keeping abreast of one of the biggest changes to the modern workplace this century, and putting them front and foremost in everything we do to support our clients.

“This new partnership will enable S&You to continue providing the cutting-edge advisory and consultative services our clients have come to expect, and we are already helping a market leading insurance company, global software vendor and various other businesses to improve efficiencies through the delivery of combined digital and human resource solutions as a result.”

Part of the Acorn by Synergie group, S&You was launched in the UK by the leading recruiter in 2023 as a stand-alone brand focused on specialist recruitment of high calibre talent across all tech industries. 

In building a market leading talent and advisory business, enhancing the way organisations recruit digital professionals in the modern world, S&You Technology’s new partnership with Mobile Cloud, and also Alumni, is just one of the many ways it is now working to provide a new breed of staffing solution for the benefit of its clients sector wide.

Martin Meikle-Small, Managing Director at Mobile Cloud, said: “We are working together on groundbreaking AI enabled solutions to improve the services that S&You delivers, and are absolutely delighted to be joining forces to help their clients take advantage of the combined power of AI and Automation, and to deliver production platforms at scale in the process.”

Mobile Cloud’s input allows S&You to provide the best calibre, technically vetted AI and Automation resources to its customers, and also identify areas where immediate cost and time saving solutions are achievable through the technical services of the Mobile Cloud team. Working with Alumni means S&You customers can also benefit from their vast experience around Business and Digital Transformation too.

Dave Jenkins, Technical Lead at Alumni, said: “The wide range of services and decades of experience provided by all three companies creates a very compelling service offering. Alumni’s ability to run and govern big, complex programs and more tactical pieces of work, coupled with Mobile Cloud’s automation capability, and underpinned with S&You’s credibility in resourcing and staffing projects is somewhat unique, and a must for any company looking to accelerate their business goals.” 

Originally established by Synergie, S&You has successfully delivered services for over 10 years in 23 countries from Canada to France, and now takes care of Specialist and Executive Recruitment services aimed at clients operating in accountancy and finance, technology, legal, international and other premium sectors across the UK too.

For more information on roles and services available through S&You Technology visit www.sandyou.co.uk/specialisms/technology/